My name is Lisa Ann de Garcia and I work with moms like you who are motivated and serious about helping their loved ones to reverse their symptoms associated with ADHD and other cognitive disorders fast!  I’m an “Integrative Educational Therapist,” blending functional health, functional neurology, energy medicine,  sensory-motor, and educational therapies.

Over the past 25 years I’ve mastered a variety of techniques, which I blend together, supporting optimal functioning of the brain, and help kids to regulate their nervous system and to be able learn with ease, especially in the area of mathematics and reading.

I frame my work around 5 phases needed for recovery, which are rooted in holistic strategies and the principal that if given the right environment, the body can heal itself, while avoiding medication that results in long-term negative side effects.

Unlike most professionals who use traditional teaching and other conventional methods, such as addressing reading issues by more reading, I help my clients remove the blockages and strengthen the areas of the brain that are causing the issue to begin with.

Working with children, families, and educators in order to ensure student’s  success with learning, behavior, and health.

    • Private Consultations & Coaching
    • Group Coaching
    • Live and Self-Paced Courses

Whether you would like me to work with your child directly, or teach and coach you how to strengthen your child or students’ neural connections, I am ready to support you.

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Ever been told that you or your child’s bloodwork was “normal” yet still feel terrible or presenting with symptoms?  Watch this popular workshop replay where I explain why.  Grab your labs and let me help you find the puzzle pieces you have been looking for so you can finally start feeling great again.

Do you want to learn more about how you can help at home?  Check out our assessments, courses, and programs for you and your child.

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